The two most common procedures linked to dental implants are bone grafting and tooth extractions. And before any implants can be placed tooth extraction aftercare franklin work will have to run its course. Teeth in the area where the implants need to be made may have to be removed. In any event, dental implants will be replacing badly damaged or missing teeth. Bone grafting is required to thicken the jawbone to allow it to support an incoming implant.

This is necessary when the jawbone is too soft or thin to support the incoming implant. And before any further tooth implant work can proceed the healing of the dental bone graft must first be completed. This healing can last anywhere from four months to an entire year. Generally speaking, tooth extractions will only be done as a last resort. The dentist will first complete a full exam, usually with an X-Ray, before making a final diagnosis.

The tooth and its surrounding area (gum tissues) would have to be severely decayed. It is often also declared as a dead tooth. You will feel a numb sensation when this happens. But so it goes that you could also experience pain, and when that happens, the dentist will probably not delay the pulling of the tooth. At the same time, once the empty area has been cleaned, the dentist will want to talk to you about filling that gap with a partial denture or full implant.

tooth extraction aftercare franklin

Because by leaving that gap open will allow bacteria to enter the cavity more easily and this could quickly lead to new infections. People often make the mistake of ignoring this requirement if the missing gap is in an area that is not visible. What’s more important at this time? Your looks or your health?