In case you were not entirely aware of this, depression is one of the most misunderstood illnesses currently under the microscope of specialist medical practitioners, usually practising as behavioral scientists, clinical psychologists and clinical psychiatrists alongside of their trained and dedicated caregivers. It is also one of the most mysterious illnesses and it could be dangerous in the sense that unless you’ve been prescribed to attend clinical depression treatment saint johns consultations, you may never know that you have it.

But here is perhaps a slight sense of the early signs of depression. It may not be clinical initially but if left ignored and untreated, it could degenerate into a debilitating illness which becomes something of a rollercoaster ride in which the sufferer perhaps loses almost total control of his or her life. As things become progressively worse, thoughts of suicide start entering the mind although, thankfully, most sufferers do not act out on these morbid thoughts. But there are those who do, and what is harrowing about this is that it could even occur when the sufferer is already in therapy.

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But so as to not alarm you at this point in time, such occurrences can only be rare. In the meantime, if you have been feeling highly strung and under pressure for more than a week, that could be the earliest signs of depression. The important thing here is to seek medical help as soon as possible. You could very well go to your general practitioner who may be in a position to prescribe you with a mild form of anti-depressants which he’s legally allowed to. It is quite clearly the reasons for these prolonged bouts of high levels of stress and anxiety that need to be addressed at the earliest opportunity.